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Hello and happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  My weekend was full of fun and celebrations with friends and dear ones whom I haven’t seen in a while, and with friends whom I’ve known before but met in person for the first time.

During my travels I always love to drive around, take in the surroundings and nature, and listen to some good tunes.  This time I was listening to LA based duo Rhye.  Even though the song Open is not new (it was published in 2013), I still love it, just as I love reading old and new books alike.

More details about my weekend and travels tomorrow, today just enjoy the day and good music.


Rhye, Open:

celibacyCelibacy, it’s a practice that has existed throughout the ages, though historically has mainly been associated with some form of religious doctrine.  However, the act of abstaining, and more so for secular reasons, seems to be building steam. Listen in to some of the current conversations taking place surrounding celibacy, and you’ll hear that people, and a surprising amount of young people, are taking this path as a route to personal reflection and empowerment.

Could this be a burnout from the proliferation of online dating, Tinder, Grindr, and its many variations?  Have we gorged ourselves on too many empty calories, and are now craving something more substantial?

In Hinduism, sexual energy is considered to be one of the most potent energies given to mankind by God.  By storing this energy, it is thought that it can be directed towards finding our truest nature and selves, and moving towards enlightenment.  The focus becomes much less on short-term fulfillment, and instead on investing our energy and attention on seeking purpose in life and the things that instill a feeling of peace and contentment.

In 1980, Gabrielle Brown introduced a similar concept in her book, The New Celibacy.  In her book, Brown advocated for celibacy in order to reclaim a sense of self-sufficiency, freedom, and exploring new dimensions in relationships.  For some, this seems to be a path worth exploring not because of religious associations, but as a means to deepen their personal relationship with themselves, and to discover what role sex plays in their lives.  How does sex limit us, but also free us?  How does it influence our choices and actions?  Can it be used to deepen our connections, to explore vulnerability, or does the intimacy shut us down and steel us against feeling anything too risky?

Historically though, the act of abstaining was frowned upon unless enacted for purely religious reasons;  The Romans declared it an aberration and legislated penalties against it, Ancient Judaism denounced it, and even Daoism and the Shinto tradition were strongly opposed.  When the continuation of your race depends upon procreation, this is an understandable stance to take.  But flashforward to present day, and this will never be a concern in our lifetime and likely lifetimes to come.  We’ve come to a place where we now have the luxury of choice – to fornicate, or to forego?


Dear All,

I am so excited to share with you that my collection of erotic short stories “Boudoir stories” is almost ready for print!  But – one key element is still missing – a book cover; and I’d like to ask for your help in choosing the best book cover for this new collection of erotic stories!

This is a very, very important contest for me, as book covers are incredibly powerful.  It’s the first glimpse into what’s inside.  Whether erotica or not, a book cover should be titillating and alluring and should invite the reader in.  It can make or break someone buying the book, and a good book cover should make you want that book.

So, I have two amazing covers for you to choose from, created and designed by Monashee Photography, who happened to do the cover of Where Daffodils Grow Wild, and has now also created the cover for my upcoming book Willow Wisp.

So here’s the deal…  Help me choose a book cover, and WIN one of three prizes: a $100 USD gift certificate for Amazon & the book; a set of all Madison Lake books, or all three books in the series A Cloud of Hawthorne.

To take part, simply:
1) LIKE Madison Lake’s Facebook page, and LIKE this post on Facebook.
2) Leave a COMMENT, telling us which book cover you prefer, and why.
3) TAG a person you would love to read this book with, give it to, or think she/he would have fun reading it!

*Contest ends on Monday 11 May, noon CET time. We will announce the winners on my Facebook page on Tuesday, 12 May at noon CET.

Happy Spring!



Hello and happy Monday!

Yesterday I attended a wedding of my two dear friends, and wanted to share their first dance song with you, Without You by Eddie Vedder.  I just love the lyrics, and when I close my eyes, I can still see them dancing, and I’m dancing with them…


It’s time to share some Valentine’s micro poems with you today.  I wish you a happy Valentine’s day, and lots of love and friendship not just on that day, but on every day throughout the year!

Valentine’s Day Haiku


Valentine, you’re mine!
It’s a heart sent a flutter
lusting for chocolate



Lounging on air
the pull of love’s gravity
sings the highest note


Sitting in the pub
a bunch of wildflowers
swallowed in amber


Heartbeat quickens
the fragrance of rose pedals
footsteps down the hall


Solitude roused
a rustle of interest
truly imagined


Flowers, chocolates
sensory stimulation
on pebbled beach



The wisp of lipstick
wrapped round him tree to root
stuck forevermore


Gardenia’s vase
heady aroma drifting
through droplets of rain

Lots of love!