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small-blackHello and happy Monday!

I hope you’re having a great start of the week!  My dog Pippa took me for a nice walk this morning, and I’m now sitting in my writing studio, drinking hot Chai Latte and getting ready to do some writing.  But first, here’s our Music Monday column.  Today I’d like to share with you a music recommendation by my reader Wilbur, he says “Boys Life”, a song by New Yorkers Small Black, is one of his latest musical discoveries, and he loves listening to them when reading Madison Lake’s romance novels.  Thank you, Wilbur, for this lovely recommendation!

On another note, if you are in Vancouver on February 11th this year, save the date for my Boudoir Stories book reading at The Art of Loving, an adult store and sex shop based in Vancouver. The event is free, but please signup here, so we know how many guests to expect.

Until then, have a fabulous Monday! If you’d like to recommend your favorite song that you like to read or write along with, please send it to me at madlakepages @



Nothing’s more boring than being sick, except maybe talking about being sick.

I’m lucky. I don’t have a terminal illness nor have I been hospitalized, but I’ve had a damn ugly bug over the holidays that zapped everything out of me. For three weeks!

I lay on the sofa and watched Christmas roll by, but, at least I got to be part of it, which was delightful and definitely lifted my spirits.  I did not see any confetti fly or have a glass of champagne as the clock struck twelve on December 31, bidding goodnight to 2015.  I was already in bed, a box of kleenex and bottle of Tylenol by my side.

I’m still not myself although at least I can feel a slight improvement each day, which gives me hope.  It’s crappy being sick.  I have thought many times about all the shut-ins and those who really suffer out there.  It is not easy.  For me this is a blip, for them, it is a life.  No fun at all.

Needless to say, I have done zero writing and very little reading for the past four weeks.  However, I have laid out a plan for this new year of ours and that is a start.

Au revoir, adios, sayonara, fare thee well to the old and in with the new.  It’s funny how January 1st is always a time of reflection, a time to look forward, a time to kiss the past goodbye.  What’s our reminder to be present, to neither look back or look forward, to be in the moment?

Hopefully, that marker can be every morning that we wake up, take our first big breath, stretch our stiff limbs, look out into the clouds or the sun or the rain and say “Here I am. I am grateful for another day of life.”

Thank You!

Thanksgiving is approaching and while I try to express my thankfulness and gratitude to people around me as often as possible, here are some of the top reasons I’m grateful for being a (romance novels) writer.

  1. I am Thankful for having a tool to channel all my passion and imagination.
  2. I am Thankful because I get to live a thousand lives through the characters in my books. And because my readers get to live these lives as well.
  3. I am Thankful because I am never alone – there is always an imaginary friend, a character from my book, who wants to have a conversation with me.
  4. I am Thankful because I can work all day in my pyjamas.
  5. I am Thankful because I can write from an office, terrace, beach or a snowed-in mountain.
  6. I am Thankful for being a romance novel writer because everyone thinks that the love scenes in my books are inspired my rich love life. Maybe they are, maybe they are not. 😉
  7. I am Thankful for chilled wine and guacamole, which are always a great conversation starter.
  8. I am Thankful for my dog Pippa. Even though I was the one who rescued her from the shelter, she is the one who daily rescues me with refreshing walks and warm cuddles.
  9. I am Thankful for my honest readers.  Their feedback is always invaluable and appreciated.
  10. I am Thankful for love, laughter, music, family, friends, writing community and safety – I am thankful for all the things we all often take for granted.


In the end, I don’t want to forget; as somebody once said:

“Today, I’m thankful that I’m not a turkey.”


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


the third and last in a three book series by Madison Lake.

Sunday, September 13
at 2:00pm

James Rooftop Lounge, 288 1st Avenue East, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5T 1A6

Wine & Cheese will be served.

Bring a friend. Bring your significant other. Leave your children at home.

Be prepared to be titillated.
All Madison Lake books will be available.

Madison Lake

Please RSVP by email here or on my Facebook Page’s event here.


It’s time to share some Valentine’s micro poems with you today.  I wish you a happy Valentine’s day, and lots of love and friendship not just on that day, but on every day throughout the year!

Valentine’s Day Haiku


Valentine, you’re mine!
It’s a heart sent a flutter
lusting for chocolate



Lounging on air
the pull of love’s gravity
sings the highest note


Sitting in the pub
a bunch of wildflowers
swallowed in amber


Heartbeat quickens
the fragrance of rose pedals
footsteps down the hall


Solitude roused
a rustle of interest
truly imagined


Flowers, chocolates
sensory stimulation
on pebbled beach



The wisp of lipstick
wrapped round him tree to root
stuck forevermore


Gardenia’s vase
heady aroma drifting
through droplets of rain

Lots of love!