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Goldfrapp_HappinessIf you are looking for a song, which will make you happy in an instant, try watching this video of Goldfrapp, named Happiness.  Imagine then jumping around town like the man on the video, endorphins filling up your body with smile and happiness, and making it contagious to everyone around you!  I love it!  Like this, even Mondays don’t feel as heavy as usual.

I wish you a fantastic week – and don’t forget, the first question of our contest is up!  If you are not sure about the answer, you can find it in Where Daffodils Grow, or visit regularly our Facebook page or Twitter for some hints that I will be sharing during the week.

With love, be happy!

Today the radio woke me up with a Kiss on My List from The Bird and the Bee, and I cannot get it out of my head since the moment I opened my eyes.  I kept hearing the chorus under the shower, when I was walking Pippa, getting our breakfasts, and even now when I have sat down to share my Music Monday playlist with you, I have it playing on the radio again and again (actually, I love the entire album).

Tell me, which song made your day today?  Have a fantastic start of the week!

Listen to The Bird and The Bee here: