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Micro poetry is one of my hidden passions.  I love reading it, and I love writing it.  The verses come to me in some of the most random occasions, while at the caffe staring at the shape raindrops create in the small water lagoons on the street, and I scribble them down on a napkin;  I think of them while driving or being stuck at the red light for too long.  Sometimes while taking care of my roses in the garden, but I do admit, that sometimes they come to my mind while in bed, wrapped in soft silky sheets.

So here is some of my erotic micro poetry for you.  I hope it titillates your day!

Nightfall wrapped in seduction

How could she… realize… a last kiss?  (Click to tweet)

Slain by his look – she simmers   (Click to tweet)

Urged to resist lips parted   (Click to tweet)

Moist underneath shaded Elm  (Click to tweet)

Breath lingered… slid down her neck to arrive   (Click to tweet)

How hot is her arousal?   (Click to tweet)

Their bodies a perfect puzzle   (Click to tweet)

By candlelight tongues twist eroticism   (Click to tweet)

Limbs lounge after evening pleasure   (Click to tweet)

Sacred secretions soften silken skin   (Click to tweet)

She lay open, a palm frond in humid Caribbean heat   (Click to tweet)

Luscious the lips, eager the mouth   (Click to tweet)

Tasty, sublime finery – woman   (Click to tweet)

Were she to lie next to him, he would succumb   (Click to tweet)

Lavish lips…open to explore   (Click to tweet)

Sumptuousness awakens into ripeness   (Click to tweet)

Where she lay – stripped – open – was beauty   (Click to tweet)

Nightfall wrapped in seduction   (Click to tweet)

Busy subway… brush past… the scent of rose   (Click to tweet)

Warm peach juice – drips – eyes closed   (Click to tweet)

Unfurl – unlabored lust   (Click to tweet)

She led – with her eyes – where she wanted him – to go   (Click to tweet)

Nectar from lush lips – anointed   (Click to tweet)

Tongues tasty caper   (Click to tweet)

She languished – limbs loose, lazy – He, a voyeur   (Click to tweet)

He the hedonist, she the juicy fruit   (Click to tweet)

First touch – gentle – arrival in moist oyster bed   (Click to tweet)

Succulent – no other way – to describe – his first bite   (Click to tweet)

Legs apart – sea foam – rolls up the hard sand   (Click to tweet)

August heat greets summer sex   (Click to tweet)

Ah, to sprawl stripped in summer’s breath   (Click to tweet)


Do you write micro poetry as well? Share yours in the comments below!


Madison Lake is an author of steamy online romance novellas with an edge.  My novels: Salon AnticsMore Than Just Friends, and a series of historical romance novels A Cloud of Hawthorne: A Real Old Fashion Romance, with Titillating Tid-BitsWhere Daffodils Grow Wild: – a sequel to A Cloud of Hawthorne, and currently writing book three in the series and finishing a book of sexy short stories.