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Music Monday

Posted on: August 22nd, 2016 by Madison Lake No Comments

A fine choice sent to us by Wilbur Gilroy. Wilbur and I have slightly different tastes in music, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like everything he sends, and it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate his involvement in Music Monday. Thanks again, Wilbur!

A rocking start to the week, and I hope that continues for you all. Happy Monday.


Hello and happy Monday!

This year hasn’t been forbearing on the music lovers so far. We’ve lost David Bowie and several other musicians, and last week, we lost dear sweet Prince.

I don’t have much more to add to it. Except for one thing: turn on your speakers, and let the music fill your heart with love&  passion, let’s get sexy crazy M.F.!

Love always,


Hola & happy Monday!

I started this Monday morning with a long beach walk with my dear pup Pippa (since I have rescued her in Baja a couple of years ago, she has been going everywhere with me ever since!). Not a bad way to start a Monday, don’t you think?  Beach walks and sunsets like the one below are what makes me smile all day long in my Baja retreat. Along with great people, tacos and margaritas!

No wonder that my Music Monday column today is inspired by Mexico. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Mexican singers, Carla Morrison. I admit, I don’t understand just everything she sings about, but I’m learning slowly. And her voice is just mesmerizing. Listen below.

Un beso,


Hello and happy Monday!

With the sun warming up our days, my thoughts start drifting often and thinking about all the places I’d love to visit this summer. Like Spain for example… Enjoying hot summer strolls around quaint towns, flamenco nights, tapas, sangria, listening to the sexy Spanish accent, and more…

That’s why you won’t be surprised with my choice of today’s tune: Sangria by Céu.  Just press play and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You will be transported to a distant place, dreaming of traveling now!

Lucky for me, before summer vacations, I’m heading to my writer’s retreat real soon. I’ll be sharing you my tune from there next week. Stay tuned!



Hello and happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday with your family and friends. If you’re not celebrating this holiday, I still wish your weekend was fabulous!

I had a lovely weekend – we did some cooking, painting eggs, but mostly eating, laughing and having a fantastic time with my dearest ones. And as with any weekend, I wish it lasted longer.

Now I’m back in my studio, getting organized and ready for getting back into my writing mode. But first, a song for you. My friend recently introduced me to Cate Le Bon and I fell in love with her voice and style immediately. Listen to Cate Le Bon’s song Are You With Me Now below.