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I taught three workshops at the recent RNC in Las Vegas. Two of them were How To Write Erotica and Finding The Erotic In You.

Preparing for each of these workshops made me take pause to consider what I did to channel the erotic in me in order to write erotica. An interesting introspective.

First of all, I don’t really think about it too much while I write. I have an idea in my head about the story and then, as I said time and again during the workshops, the characters take me through the journey. It comes easily when I follow their lead, especially when I determine their (the characters) dynamic and my/their plot direction, but that can change during the course of the story too.

There have been several times when I’ve gotten so engrossed in the story that I stop and suddenly recognize I have not added any spicy or erotic bits. I can get so wrapped up in the drama or adventure that I really do forget that it’s a romance or erotic romance novel. I actually love it when that happens because I know that I am truly in the zone. It’s easy to go back, reread sections and add bits to heighten the arousal factor. If a story lends itself to the romantic or steamy then it’s pretty easy to do. I do dozens of rereads and rewrites throughout the process of completing a book so there are plenty of opportunities to tone things down or spice things up.

Writing the erotic or romantic sections is not difficult when the characters are connected, and that part is up to the writer to create. You have to dig deep into your own experiences as well as have a vivid imagination. Use them wisely, use them well. They are your tools. Finding the right language to truly portray the mood and emotion of the moment is also important. Your audience wants to really feel the characters in moments of passion or lust and you have to be honest and open and not let them (your audience and your characters) down.

Look at a blank page as an occasion to release all of your innermost desires and fantasies, then create a story around those visions to build and drive your story forward. Or, create your story and insert (no pun intended) those passionate passages in.

It can work either way. The important thing is, follow your instinct and your character’s lead. They know the way.    IMG_0239


After a recent pre-book launch and reading, I gave a lot of thought to the very good questions asked during the Q&A. It was a smart, interested audience and at the end of the event they had a lot to ask. I love that.

It got me thinking about why I do write these erotic romance novels and what I get out of it. Besides sheer enjoyment, and I don’t mean that in the erotic sense, I love writing and with stories such as these, it’s so much fun to see where they take me as I write. There are so many twists and turns along the way that I don’t necessarily plan. They happen organically. But frankly, there are times when I’m writing and the story carries me along much more in the adventure, suspense and intrigue that I have to stop and force myself to add some romance or, as I call them, the ‘sexy bits’.

Some of the characters in my books are naturally more sexual and alluring than others and it makes it easier to write those sexy scenes into the story. Of course it also depends what happens when the plot develops. In Salon Antics, even though many scenes take place in a strip club, the primary storyline is more about crooks and cons and how they and their shenanigans will be undone.

I do love writing these books and with each new one I find myself more interested in delving deeper into research and plot development than the erotica. Perhaps I need to read more smut again to get back on track. After all, isn’t that what Madison Lake is all about?