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As the world still grasps to understand the loss of a musical genius last week we here at Madison Lake ask:  What is a Prince without his princesses?

He was a heartthrob, to say the least, and always had a mad princegorgeous woman on his arm.  This week’s History of Sex will take a look at the sex icons most famous romances throughout the years.

Prince has been linked to a series of major celebrities such as Madonna (who’s album Like a Prayer he helped produce), Carmen Electra (his protege, he helped her coin her stage name), Anna Fantastic (a muse he met when she was only 16), Kim Basinger (who’s moans are heard in “The Scandalous Sex Suite”), Sheila E (long time drummer for his band), Vanity (a stage named he created for singer Denise Matthews) and Apollonia (his costar in Purple Rain) but most people believe that his true greatest loves were his two wives.

Prince’s first marriage was his most famous and also his most tragic.  On Valentine’s Day 1996 the 37-year-old singer wed 22-year-old Mayte Garcia who was his back up singer and dancer at the time.  She had first met Prince when she was only 16 and as she aged and as
their relationship grew, she became his muse.  d1d7e6132d2f63ed9575c6b67bf0a69eHis 1995 song “the Most Beautiful Girl in the World” was written for her.  He sings “It’s plain 2 see U’re the reason God made a girl.”  Eight months after their wedding day their son Boy Gregory was born.  Sadly he only lived for a week, born with the fatal Pfeiffer syndrome.  The couple tried again and conceived successfully only to lose the baby before Mayte was full term.  Many people say that their fairy tale romance could not withstand the loss of two babies and the couple officially split in 1999. 

In 2001, at age 43, Prince married 24-year-old Canadian philanthropist Manuela Testolini soon after meeting her while working together.  The two moved into a mansion in her hometown of Toronto and lived a seemingly low-key happy life until their amicable split in 2006. 

manuela-testolini-princeSince that relationship ended Prince moved back to his hometown of Minneapolis and kept a relatively low profile in the media.  He still recorded and toured extensively but was rarely seen out in public or on the red carpet with a lady by his side.  For a few years, he dated singer Bria Valente (born Brenda Fuentes) who converted to Jehovah Witness for him.  His most recent romantic link was rumoured to be British singer-songwriter Delilah whom he’d known since 2012.   

When news his sudden death erupted last week many of his former lovers came forward expressing their undying love for him.  Prince was unique in every way: his music, his fashion, his name and of course his choice of exceptionally inspiring women. 


Hello and happy Monday!

This year hasn’t been forbearing on the music lovers so far. We’ve lost David Bowie and several other musicians, and last week, we lost dear sweet Prince.

I don’t have much more to add to it. Except for one thing: turn on your speakers, and let the music fill your heart with love&  passion, let’s get sexy crazy M.F.!

Love always,