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IMG_0275The heat. The beach. Lightweight clothing. Cold beer on a patio. Outdoor concerts. Gardens. Water. Cloudless blue. Dancing in the street. Summer love.

But today I love summer rain.

It’s misty and damp out, cleaning off dusty concrete, giving life back to the humid air. There are a few cyclists and walkers but no patios strewn with sun worshippers, frothy pints or raucous laughter. No lawns covered in blankets, lovers sprawled in a tangle of limbs. Either way, it’s still summer, and love is in the air. IMG_0014

Why is that? Most people think spring is the time of love – new love, old love reignited, the first buds on bare branches opening their fragile petals, the first signal to come out of hibernation, to inhale, to embrace.

But in summer, we are full of life, carefree, able to abandon the usual things that hold us back. Men walk around shirtless, women more scantily clad. Sweat has Chanel beat as the new scent, and sex is a four letter word.

Everywhere I look, lovers are holding hands, stealing a kiss, necking on a park bench. Haven’t those been the quintessential images of summer for eons? And when the sun dips down and the noise of sunshine subsides, we hear the whisper of sprinklers on burnt grass, the hum of city turned down, clink of glasses, melancholy street music, stirrings behind closed doors.

Being single sometimes has me missing the tingling of summer love, but not the passion of summer. Besides, a good narrative is created by watching scenes go by, marking them, and creating my own love story.

Today it rains, and I love summer rain.  


It doesn’t seem like a period of rain this morning as I walk Pippa through a steady downpour.  However, it is winter.  It’s just we’ve been having such gorgeous weather.  Cold, but clear and sunny.  This dark, rainy morning feels oppressive.

I don’t know about you but when it’s cloudy and wet out, I don’t feel as guilty when I stay in and write.  As oppressive as it can feel, the mood created is perfect to hunker down with my laptop or pen and paper and lose myself in a story or a poem.

IMG_0844 (2)When the sun shines I still hunker down to write but the light streaming through the windows often gives me pause – many pauses.  My mind wanders to the brightness of the outdoors.  Green grass beckons.  My dog’s tail wags in anticipation, and it doesn’t take much for me to give in.  Soon we’re out the door into the cool, dry fresh air.

My computer will be here when I return.  My pen and paper won’t go away.  I will glean ideas on my outdoor adventure, ideas for stories and poems and books.  I will stretch my too often stiff limbs, breathe deeply, run.

Meanwhile, the rain pelts down and my fingers clip-clop on the keyboard at a rhythmical pace.  A new story emerges.  In the opening scene the sun is shining.  

I See Rain In My Future

Posted on: December 8th, 2015 by Madison Lake No Comments

rain hand

That’s right. Rain.

Although it’s rained while I’ve been here in the Baja, it’s a completely different kind of experience than rain back home in Vancouver. When it rains in the Baja you have on shorts and a tee shirt, or maybe even a bathing suit. The monsoon pours down and cools you off, settles the dust, fills arroyos that rush water to the sea. Then they dry out again and all is well.

In Vancouver rain is cold. Shirts, sweaters and scarves are layered underneath waterproof jackets, hoods are pulled tightly around chins and necks and sometimes that doesn’t keep out the damp. But Vancouver is mild compared to the winters in Eastern Canada, so I return home on Thursday with a little more bounce in my step. Besides, it’s the holidays and there’s something special about being in a cold climate during the festive season.

It’s been a great retreat down here in the desert. Although I didn’t work on my new Madison Lake book, I did write some poetry and got clearer direction on my own personal story that’s been on the back burner for years, thanks to great discussions with my good friend ST.

And I’ve realized Creepy Lurky Guy isn’t so bad. Too much tequila doesn’t suit him, but it doesn’t suit a lot of people. Other than that he’s harmless and not a bad person. Perhaps he’ll become another character in one of my books. Ha!