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8 Reasons Why You Should Read Paper Books

How do you read your books?  On paper, or digitally?  I read both; I love good ‘old’ printed books, but I use digital books whenever I’m traveling – it makes my luggage much, much lighter.

I recently read Michael Hyatt‘s article on why he’s going back to paper books in 2016, and I wanted to share some of his reasons why reading paper books is good:

1. Ebooks Are out of Sight and out of Mind: Physical books occupy physical space. Wherever you keep them—the shelf, the nightstand, the bathroom—it’s hard to avoid them.

2. Ebooks Engage Fewer Senses. Physical books are three-dimensional and it affects my experience of reading.

3. Ebooks Make It Easier to Get Distracted. Research shows scrolling and swiping dislodge data from our short-term memories more than page-turning. 4. Ebooks Result in Less Retention and Comprehension

4. Ebooks Result in Less Retention and Comprehension. (see more detailed explanation on this here)

5. Ebooks Feel Too Much like Online Reading.

6. Ebooks Are More Difficult to Interact With. It’s harder to take notes and highlights on digital, and even though you can mark them on Kindle, they’re often taken out of context.

7. Ebooks Are More Difficult to Navigate.

8. Ebooks Provide Less Satisfaction in Finishing.  “When I finish an ebook, it just slips further down in the library. But when I finish a physical book, I have a reminder of the accomplishment every time I walk past it on my shelf. It’s a visual cue. That not only reminds me of what I’ve accomplished, it also instantly reconnects me to the ideas inside. And that’s why I read in the first place.”

9. Besides all the points that Michael states in his blog post, there’s one additional reason I love printed books: They smell so good!

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