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Any story, whether it be book or film, needs a good love scene. From the shocking, first ever film kiss in, The Kiss (1896!) to Basic Instinct and Fifty Shades of Grey, storylines need romance or (soft) sex.

But what used to be considered X-rated now seem the norm. Full frontals and realistic love making are nothing new in movies today, which leaves little to the imagination. At least with a book you can visualize what he or she might look like (naked) or what they might be doing (having sex?). I wonder what’s left to give-up in cinema?

What makes a good love scene? That depends on what you are looking for. Obviously some people want the tell-all kind of story and others want the Jane Austin lead up to sex, which are truly ‘love scenes’. It’s knowing what is going to happen through the buildup. Very titillating.

Take 9 1/2 Weeks. That blindfolded ice scene could make anybody squirm. And when Vasili and Tania finally fall into each other’s arms on the dirty floor of the underground bunker in, Enemy at the Gates, it was breathtakingly passionate. You’ll find yourself drawn to the questionable but undeniable desire in The Lover or Y Tu Mamá También.

In 1954, Anne Descios (under the pen name, Pauline Réage) shocked the literary scene with, The Story of O, while Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice remains the ultimate, timeless love story. Diana Gabaldon’s, Outlander, is a big contender in the ultimate love story genre, as is The Notebook, by Nickolas Sparks.  

Whether you are a fan of the more erotic and explicit, or prefer tender romance and ‘love conquers all’, we each have our favourite books and films, and there are far too many to name.

Share yours with us in the comments section and tell us why you love it. We want to hear from you!


Titillating Tuesday

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I’ve written 9,954 words in the new book so far. There is one erotic scene between two characters but several fantasies by other characters about men or women or each other. There has been one serious suitor, many old lovers and one near death tragedy. A new character has just appeared on the scene. He’s young and of course wickedly handsome and he has already taken a shine to our exotic heroine. Not surprising. Have I stirred up some interest?

It’s a partly cloudy, partly rainy day today. Perfect for me to continue writing without the call of the sunshine and distractions that come with it. I will miss the warm, cloudless days now that autumn is here, but I must admit these approaching months are excellent for writing and at the rate I’m going I may just start book six. Something brand new of course.