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True or False

Posted on: February 9th, 2016 by Madison Lake No Comments

book-featimg-boudoir-storiesA few of you have asked me, or at least thought about where I get my story ideas from. It’s a common question for writers, but probably more intriguing when asking a writer of erotic romance novels.

One of the first things I learned about writing is to always write about what you know. It will be your most authentic voice. It will be believable. For instance, I will not try to write about growing up in Israel during war times or escaping capture from soldiers in Somalia. I might be able to weave a piece of fiction on those subjects but they might sound more like a report, not a deeply rooted, moving picture of someone’s life.

Now that I’ve backed myself into a corner about authenticity and writing erotic romance, I will remind you that we are all sexual. We are born that way. Perhaps not everyone can write but we all feel sexual arousal, sensual stirrings, lusty desire, and even have our fetishes.

I was also fortunate enough to be born into a very creative family – artists, thinkers, writers. So if I put the two together, voila! An erotic romance writer was born.

I didn’t always have a desire to write romance novels. In fact, I did not grow up reading them and still don’t gravitate to them as my genre of choice. But they are damn fun to write. A little imagination and fantasy and a lot of courage and honesty goes a long way.

Courage is to write the stuff unabashedly. Honesty is hatched from courage.

It took me a while to overcome my inhibitions and ‘come out’ as me rather than hide behind the persona of Madison Lake. That was partly because of the (stupid) reputation romance novels have had in the land of literature, and partly because of what people might think of me. Ridiculous but true. Once I let go and could write with courage and honesty about a character or situation, whether it was real to me or not, the story became more real, more authentic.

Most, if not all of my stories are fiction and fantasy but of course they are drawn from something I’ve either read, seen, heard or experienced. The fun part is to elaborate on a situation to make it much more than what it might have originally been and weave that into a story that way.

You, the reader, can decide. If you think I had a poolside orgy with my workmates in the short story The Party in Boudoir Stories, or danced topless at the Beltane Festival in Where Daffodils Grow Wild, go for it.

I will be whoever you want. I will be your chameleon.   MLbowie