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New Face, New Body

Posted on: April 10th, 2018 by Madison Lake 1 Comment

I’m not talking about me, although as this aging thing continues to sneak up on me, perhaps I should consider it – haha.

No, I’m talking about after a long hiatus, Madison Lake – the website, the brand and the social media, will be getting a new look. Not only that, blogs will begin again and the website will offer access to interactive writing tips, publishing dos and don’ts, resources and more.

I’m excited to get back onboard with all of you. I’ve missed the connection we’ve had over the years, the sharing of information, the chance to chat about our interests in writing, reading, erotica, romance, relationships. What could be better?

Right now I’m back in my Baja happy place, gearing up for launching the new Madison Lake and writing my new book (still untitled) to add to the collection. So that’s one more thing to keep and eye and ear out for over the next few months.

                                          Cheers! Happy to be back.     

What Goes Around

Posted on: August 1st, 2017 by Madison Lake 2 Comments

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written and posted a blog. I’ve realized one has to stay 100% on track with social media or you can become lax. There are all kinds of reasons to fall off the social media grid; work, travel, relationships. Life in general. It’s definitely a commitment. But I’ve been busy…

Update #1: By now we’ve been exposed to enough ‘life experience’ to not be surprised when things hit us. I did see the red flags but chose to ignore them (again) because he was my friend. Ego is a heavy burden, and for some it seems, ego is difficult to identify in oneself. Talk the talk all you like (and he did), but you have to walk it (and I discovered he didn’t), and you can still be good at your game.

I have no time for people with enlarged egos. Nonetheless, I have to identify why I continue to attract them. Why do I continue to believe these smooth talking guys and why have I made choices along the way to let the good ones go? What is it I’m looking for?

However, happy & single, I roam the pages of my newest book in progress, see what character is going to lead me to the next adventure, and write on. My day job is sucking a lot from my energy reserves, but for now I must put one foot in front of the other – quite literally. I still find solace in revisiting poetry; editing, polishing, writing new work.

Perhaps this is my form of avoidance. I do go out socially with friends, but I should probably join a meet-up group or something, break away from the comfort zone. Maybe next week. Till then, it’s a warm summer day and I intend to enjoy it.

Best, ML  



I’m a social media person / business / entity. I have been for many years. Yet as the days, months and years grow, so do the number of social media platforms to keep up with. It makes my head spin. I guess the nagging question for me lately is WHY?

Like most of you in small business, or just trying to stay in the know, I spend countless hours tweeting, posting, clicking, drafting, composing, photographing, dictating, responding to…and for what? Sure, I’ve made a lot of ‘friends’ and have garnered a fair number of ‘likes’. I even have a substantial bunch of ‘followers’. But as a frustrated and outraged Tom Cruise blurted in the 1996 film, Jerry Maguire, SHOW ME THE MONEY. 

Enter cynicism.

If I was getting paid for all the hours spent on social media marketing, I would be a wealthy woman today. So why aren’t I? What exactly does Twitter, Facebook and Instagram do for me besides allowing me to play well with others, be more popular because I am ‘on’ those ever growing sites and apps? Sure, it gives me a presence that followers can (should) equate to profit of some sort, whether it’s items sold or jobs acquired. But that rarely seems to happen.

In defence of social media, I have made connections with people I never would have met otherwise, and have even done some successful and exciting collaborations with gifted creatives who have helped pave the way for new opportunities. But, as great as those experiences were, none of them actually brought an onslaught of fame or fortune, nor steady interest or income.

I know, it’s not all about the money, but even though I love what I do, I do work to make money. Time is money. My time is valuable. Lately I am really questioning the worth of this thing called social media.

I spoke to someone the other day about my newest blog post, commenting that I only got one ‘like’ on Facebook, which seemed unusual. She replied that yeah, Facebook probably changed their algorithm. They do that sometimes. So, guess who really holds the power and makes all the money, but we knew that, right?

Instagram is not exactly designed for writers but of course I have been told it’s the ‘platform’ to use now, so off I go to Instagram. I get the odd ‘heart’ and the very odd new ‘follower’. Big fucking deal. Again, she says it takes time. She got 33 ‘hearts’ on her recent post. Again, I say big fucking deal. Then what do we get? (By the way, she’s very good at social media. I’m just being the (frustrated) devils advocate here.)

But seriously, think why you are doing it. Is it because everyone else is doing it, because it is an expected part of living in 2016? What does it do for you in the grand scheme of things? I know, many of you are saying ‘give it time…it takes time to build a social media presence’, etc, etc. For me it’s been six years of time. Some of that time was trial and error – a huge learning curve. But the last two or three years have been more focussed and on task with still very little yield.

I am the cynic today. I question the validity of social media marketing and it’s worth. Are we just a bunch of robots, sheep following the herd?

If I were to go off of social media altogether, would I be missed? Probably not. I would disappear along with a billion others, into the ether.   ML


How Many Hats Do You Wear?

Posted on: July 29th, 2014 by Madison Lake 2 Comments

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Yes, I know, we all do. That’s a very broad statement. Okay, more specifically, I feel overwhelmed with all the many work tasks I juggle.

On the one hand, I love the variety: writing, editing, marketing, (attempts at) social media, connecting on a human level (what a concept!). But social media alone is daunting. Even though you might only check in briefly on Twitter or Facebook, they all need daily attention. With social media, the list of boxes to tick in a day’s work seems endless.

Perhaps this is just part of being self employed. Sometimes I think how easy it would be to have a job where I arrived at nine and left at five, with two coffee breaks and a lunch break in between. It would all be mapped out – you go to your job and you come home. Done. But even within that framework there are a multitude of hats worn in an eight hour period of time. We are multi-taskers at heart.

How many hats do you wear? Count them. It will overwhelm you, but it will also make you feel proud.