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IMG_0275The heat. The beach. Lightweight clothing. Cold beer on a patio. Outdoor concerts. Gardens. Water. Cloudless blue. Dancing in the street. Summer love.

But today I love summer rain.

It’s misty and damp out, cleaning off dusty concrete, giving life back to the humid air. There are a few cyclists and walkers but no patios strewn with sun worshippers, frothy pints or raucous laughter. No lawns covered in blankets, lovers sprawled in a tangle of limbs. Either way, it’s still summer, and love is in the air. IMG_0014

Why is that? Most people think spring is the time of love – new love, old love reignited, the first buds on bare branches opening their fragile petals, the first signal to come out of hibernation, to inhale, to embrace.

But in summer, we are full of life, carefree, able to abandon the usual things that hold us back. Men walk around shirtless, women more scantily clad. Sweat has Chanel beat as the new scent, and sex is a four letter word.

Everywhere I look, lovers are holding hands, stealing a kiss, necking on a park bench. Haven’t those been the quintessential images of summer for eons? And when the sun dips down and the noise of sunshine subsides, we hear the whisper of sprinklers on burnt grass, the hum of city turned down, clink of glasses, melancholy street music, stirrings behind closed doors.

Being single sometimes has me missing the tingling of summer love, but not the passion of summer. Besides, a good narrative is created by watching scenes go by, marking them, and creating my own love story.

Today it rains, and I love summer rain.  

Oh dear! I have completely neglected all of you.

But, I have a good excuse.

First of all, it’s summer! And summer brings summer fun, sunshine (mostly), guests visiting and…weddings. I was just in LA for my nephew’s wedding. It was a family affair. Our side (the groom’s) was a small group and the bride’s side was huge. Nonetheless, we represented in style.

The day after my arrival my sister, daughter and I had a spa day at Olympic Spa in Koreatown in Los Angeles. Have you ever been to a Korean Spa? Well…it’s a marvellous experience and Olympic is the best.


Picture naked women of all shapes, sizes, colours; tattooed, pierced, old and young, wandering from room to room, dipping in and out of the very hot mugwort tea pool then into the icy waters of the cold pool, then into the steamy whirlpool. A stop in the steam room and sauna is worthwhile before relaxing in the pink Himalayan salt room on a blanket on warm, ground salt, then into the ultraviolet room for more shut-eye. They even have a heated floor where women can lie wrapped in blankets to read or sleep or whisper together.

There’s a fabulous restaurant where you can order the best kimchi and bibimbap plus other Korean favourites.

In addition to the all day soaking in the heat, I ordered the milk and honey scrub and full body massage and it was real milk and honey. Imagine being smothered in warm milk and then have honey massaged into your sore muscles. Pure bliss.

The wedding itself was a beautifully emotional day and a good time was had by all.

Back in Vancouver now with my main squeeze, Antonio Armando, visiting from Costa Rica. I will be off-line until the beginning of August because who doesn’t need family time?

Enjoy a delectable summer. See you soon because

I’ll be back…

Summer Flu

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Yes, I’ve had it alright. Ugh. After months of absorbing the sweetness of summer and playing in the surf (so to speak) I got hit with the ache of fever and the chills of a winter night. Instead of being outside walking the dog, talking with neighbours, sipping a beer on a local patio, I have been wrapped in double blankets curled up in my bed, drinking fizzy water and herbal tea. At least there’s some comfort to be found. And this too shall pass…

Change the channel…

A bit better today. Out of bed and on the sofa. Big move.

Recently I’ve been working – and reworking a poem I started months ago. I find that sometimes a poem falls into my lap, I make a few tweaks, move some lines around, leave it for a few days before revisiting it with sometimes only a few final adjustments. Those don’t come along all the time, which brings me to my recent poem.

It’s been a ride from the get go. When I began writing it I had in mind where I wanted to go but that was not to be. It has morphed into more than one incarnation on the page and continues to take me along for a ride full of surprise twists and turns. At one point I almost gave it up but now I understand the piece and am eager to discover its resting place.

On the note of poetry, I may have mentioned that I have recently received several new poems for the long ago promised anthology. I’m delighted and hope to hear from more of you so we can make this anthology a reality.

Happy writing.

ML xo




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And the living is easy, right?


I don’t know.  Maybe.  I love that the sun shines more.  I love that the days are longer and the nights balmy enough to make me want to sit outside till past dark (which is late in my neck of the woods) with a glass of wine, listening to the noises of summer in the city.

But then I remember the days are already getting shorter.  How’d that happen?  And as focussed as I try to be with my writing, when the sun shines I am drawn away from my task and out of doors.  Am I looking at the glass half empty rather than half full?  I guess in a way I am – or was.

There’s something pretty great about all four seasons, but since I’m writing about summer, and we’re currently in summer, let’s focus on summer for a minute.  For many, summer signifies a relief from SADS – the loss of natural sunshine in their day during dreary winter months.  For people living in the Northern Hemisphere it means longer days, which is very cool when it stays light till ten o’clock at night.  Still for others it means time off work, festivals, travel, barbecues and picnics.  It can feel like a perpetual holiday.

I just celebrated the summer solstice on the rooftop deck of the building I live in.  I love the celebratory vibe of a community event, and in particular one centered around the solstice.  It harkens to old rituals and festivals, some of which were centered around fertility.  I can certainly understand that.  Don’t we all feel the love bursting forth in spring and summer?  People’s endorphins are heightened, hormones are on high alert, love is in the air.

So here’s to summer in all her loveliness.  Here’s to writing outside, reading by the lake, taking lots and lots of walks or hikes, having a beer on a patio with friends, camping, boating.  Here’s to love, summer or otherwise.  There are many types who love, and many ways to love, but there’s only one love.  Embrace it.




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