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Reading Erotica in the Sex Shop

Posted on: February 16th, 2016 by Madison Lake 2 Comments

taol_logoWhat fun!

A local shop called The Art of Loving invited me to do a reading last week. They also agreed to carry some of my books. Yay!

The Art of Loving has been around since 2002. They not only sell fabulous and quality sex toys and accessories, but support local artists and entrepreneurs through workshops and events at their shop. It’s win-win, right? I just love small community stores like this and do everything I can to support them back.

I arrived in the pissing rain at 7:30 pm (event to start at 8). Chairs were set out around a small reading area with a reading chair and side table for me. Excellent.

I set out the wine, cheese and crackers I brought while chatting with the lovely and helpful store attendant, who damn if I can remember her name!! I’m terrible with names but in all fairness, my mind was on my reading. Ack! But she was fabulous from start to finish.

People began to literally dribble into the store around 7:45. The rain was relentless and I give kudos to those who came out on such a dreary night. Three supportive friends showed up (thanks!!) and some other folks I did not know, which was great.

Because of the nature of the venue, I decided to read the steamier bits from my newest book, Boudoir Storiesa book of short stories. It was fun to read them aloud and get active response from the rapt audience. After the reading we had a Q&A which was amazing. What an attentive audience. The questions were well thought out, interesting and sparked discussions about strong female leads, writing about same sex love as well as hetero, personal experience and writing, imagination versus reality or making it real on the page. And so on.

You don’t need a large group to have a good reading. It’s all about the audience, and these people were fabulous.

Thank you all for coming out to the event and thanks Vera Zyla  for your support.

I will say a few of the guests had a wild and wonderful shopping spree when the event was over and the doors were closed. Who knew silicone gel and lubricant cannot be used with a silicone product like a dildo or vibrator and that a cock leash is a great couples toy? I learned so much!


Dear All,

Take the big fat red pen and put February 11, 2016, at 8 pm, on your calendars!  I’m having a book reading event at The Art of Loving store in Vancouver, Canada.

From the Art of Loving Event page:

Seminar Leader: Madison Lake
Audience: Everyone

madison-lake-authorCome out for an evening of escapism & listen to local author, Madison Lake, read from her new book of erotic short stories. Bring your sweetie, bring a gaggle of boy or girl friends, or arrive solo.  One way or another you’re bound to enjoy yourself.

Snacks & beverages served, and a bevy of books and erotic playthings will surround you.  Remember, Thursday has long been the new Friday.  Get out and enjoy yourself.

Madison Lake’s career began in the mid nineties with production work and feature writing for travel and home lifestyle magazines.  Several years later she became a prolific writer of erotic romance novels, also known as romantica.  Her sixth book, Boudoir Stories, is a selection of steamy short stories that are sure to please.

***Please register via this Signup link. The book reading event Vancouver is free, but we’d love to know how many visitors we can expect. Thank you!

I am excited to meet you in person, bring your book copy for a signing, or get one at the event and I’ll be happy to sign it for you.  The books make a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift, you both will enjoy it, I guarantee.

Much love, I can’t wait to see you at The Art of Loving in Vancouver at 8 pm. Here’s the map of the location.