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I guess over the past months I’ve run out of titillating topics. They all go in my books! So if you want titillating, you’ll have to buy them on Amazon ;-). On another note…

This past weekend was Vancouver Pride. The city became a colourful melting pot of ages and genders and ethnicities. Everyone was happy – as themselves and with others. Music filled the blocked off streets of Davie and Burrard where the celebration was centred. Flamboyant transvestites, butch (and non) lesbians, male lovers wearing tight tees and ball hugging jeans were there, and that’s just a glimpse. 

The best part, however, was that love was in the air. Everyone who attended any part of the weekend festivities was there to support.

Hugging whoever happens to be beside you at the moment, breaking into laughter and song, giving nods of approval and dancing in the street; this is what happens when people abandon inhibitions and feed off the goodness that surrounds them.

Sure there was drinking. There were great eats on the street. But all was in good fun. Nobody broke the mood.

Of course it brings to mind why every day can’t be like this. I know we can’t party every day. I for one would be exhausted. But is it so wrong for men to wear rainbow coloured pantsuits and glittery platform shoes every day if they want to? Is it so wrong for lovers to be lovers without judgement and persecution?

Our small Vancouver world was a better place this past weekend. It felt good (as it has in years past) to be part of the beautiful growing community I call home.

Till next week…continue to have joyous summer days.