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And I truly do feel spectacularly launched.

Thanks to all those who came out to the book launch of Willow Wisp on that blustery, sunny Sunday. You were a great crowd and such a rapt audience.

I had so much fun!

I enjoy reading aloud from my books. In this case, the room was silent, eyes met mine as I looked up from time to time, there was laughter when there was supposed to be, oohs and ahhs on cue. What a joy to read to such a captivated and interested crowd.

Of course I bought way too much wine. And cheese. I guess I thought we’d sit around drinking for the afternoon (or something). If I was anticipating a larger turnout that thought was immediately dispelled. The group that was present was absolutely perfect. Perfect.

And I sold books. Lots of them.

Again, many thanks for the continued support. And after you read the books you bought, feel free to put a review up on Amazon.

ML xo


As an aside, I got a ‘wink’ the other day from one of my online dating sites. (that’s right, I now entertain two – hee hee) He was attractive, his profile read well (smart, funny…) and he seemed like a possible coffee date if he didn’t live in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, Canada and is a man seeking a man.



There’s nothing like it when the UPS guy delivers the big heavy box with your books in it. Yours. The books you created believable characters for, the books you built a suspenseful, exciting, meaningful, romantic story for, the books you had a fabulous cover made for, and the books you dreamed of holding in your own two hands one day.


Now that day has arrived. You tear open the box. The smell hits you first–the cardboard, the fresh print, the paper as you flip through the pages. You pick one up and rub the smooth, colourful cover over and over as if stroking a baby’s soft head. You hold it up to your nose and breath in the depth of it. Like a baby, your book is raw and fresh and new, and you love it more than anything else. It’s your baby.

It’s funny how whether you’ve had one book published or five books published, it’s the same uplifting experience every time. Just the same as if you’ve had one child or five children. Willow Wisp is my fifth book and the third and last in the trilogy that began with A Cloud of Hawthorne. I’m very excited about it. Even though in some ways the book is old to me. I wrote it, read it, edited it a gazillion times and read it a gazillion more. Still it’s that newness all over again.

I know you were hoping to hear how my online dating is going and maybe to hear about some actual dates I’ve had, but I’m obsessed with my new book at the moment. I’m in love with another…book. Sorry to disappoint. Perhaps once the dust settles (it always does) we can revisit dating and match and all that jazz but truth be known, not much is going on in that area so you’re not missing a thing. Give me another week or three. Things may improve. Maybe.

Till then, read Willow Wisp and enjoy it. In fact, read the whole darn trilogy and have fun escaping into another world. It’s always worth it.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me while I go back to smelling my books.
ML xo


Hello and happy Monday!

How is your August going so far?  I am loving the summer, especially my morning walks with Pippa and summer evenings with friends, enjoying our conversations and chilled glasses of wine.  And you?

If you are in Vancouver in September, please SAVE THE DATE and come to my book launch of Willow Wisp on September 13th!  Get all the details about the book launch event here.  I would be delighted it if you could join me in celebration of my newest book!

Today I am listening to All About That Bass Postmodern Jukebox – I love the music and the styling! Listen below.



the third and last in a three book series by Madison Lake.

Sunday, September 13
at 2:00pm

James Rooftop Lounge, 288 1st Avenue East, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5T 1A6

Wine & Cheese will be served.

Bring a friend. Bring your significant other. Leave your children at home.

Be prepared to be titillated.
All Madison Lake books will be available.

Madison Lake

Please RSVP by email here or on my Facebook Page’s event here.



Hello & happy Monday!

Can you believe we’re in August already?  The year has been passing by so swiftly this year, or perhaps I’ve been keeping myself very busy!  It might be the later I guess, and I don’t mind it a bit.  My latest book “Willow Wisp” is out from the printer and fresh on the shelves, and the collection of short stories “Boudoir Stories” is in the final process and preparations for print.  In the meantime, my book #7 is on my desk and forming into a lovely story.  What more can a writer expect?  There is one thing – I’d love for you to read my latest book, Willow Wisp, and let me know your thoughts about it.  Send me an email or leave a review online.

New day, new week and a new month – a fantastic opportunity to set new goals, and try to stick to them.  This month I’m aiming to keep a balance between writing and relaxing, being productive in the mornings and in the afternoons enjoying the sun while I still can.  And you?

On my speakers this week are Belle & Sebastian.  What are you listening to?