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Hitting the streets to get some answers…


We’ve all been there, that first date that seems to go so well and there’s a connection, you can really see this turning into something….and then he or she never calls again.  What is the next step?  Logically a person should just forget it and move on but we’re not always logical.

Lucille says she always wants to let it go but ends up texting or emailing.  “It has happened a couple times,” Lucille said.  “The last time, I waited a week after the date then emailed the guy.  I wanted answers!”  She said the guy claimed he was going through a lot with family stuff and was sorry he couldn’t continue to see her.  “It was a load of sh-t but I wanted him to at least acknowledge that he is a jerk.”

Lindsay is a veteran dater and says it happens all the time.  “Guys do it to me, I’ve done it a few times myself, it’s just a part of dating,” she said.  Lindsay used to get upset and try to get answers but now she doesn’t care.  She accepts it as part of dating and doesn’t take it personally.  “The only time I get bent out of shape is if I’ve slept with them.”

Buster thinks this is something men do more than women because men are afraid of emotional confrontations.  “Most of the time, even on first dates, I’m trying to have sex.  Especially if I don’t think I’m going to ask her out again,” Buster explained.  “This makes a girl think I’m more into her than I actually am and after, I feel like a tool.”  He justifies not calling again as not leading a girl on more.  Hmm.

Michael has had a few guys do this to him and he says it makes him feel like “a total reject.”  He has vowed to always text or email dates the next day, even if it is to tell a guy that he didn’t feel a connection.  “I’m not brave enough to call but I will never leave someone hanging because I know how it feels.”

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