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There comes a time in most single people’s lives when they enter a relationship they know isn’t going to last very long.  They know without a doubt the person is not their future life partner but you don’t hate them.  Why do people enter doomed relationships with the first available person they come across?  I wanted some answers…

Ariel claims that dating fatigue landed her in a year-long relationship with a guy.  “I was so tired,” Ariel said. “I was dating this guy I knew wasn’t ‘the one’ but I didn’t hate him.  We ended up dating for over a year.”  Ariel was sick of going to singles happy hours, looking on Match.com, and of having to answer questions from her family.  “Dating Eric made life so much easier but he was the one to end it because he didn’t feel a spark, either.”

Belle says she has a pattern of entering 3 month long relationships in the winter.  “It’s nice to have someone over the holidays,” Belle explained.  She likes being able to tell family that she is seeing someone and of course, New Year’s Eve is better with someone to kiss.  She usually ends the relationship right before the Super Bowl.  Her logic is that Super Bowl parties are a great place to meet guys.

Aurora likes having a girlfriend during the summer and “whoever I’m dating in May is stuck with me until October.”  She says camping, music festivals, and street fairs are better when you have a partner to share them with.  “Obviously I’d like the relationship to last longer but I’m willing to compromise more in the summer,” Aurora said.  “I sweep mild annoyances under the rug until fall.”

Jasmine has thought about doing this but never followed through.  “Once, I went on a date with this guy who was so nice, so perfect,” Jasmine said.  “The only thing, though, was that I had absolutely no sexual attraction to him.”  She thought about going on a second date, teaching herself to like him but it all came back to having no desire to have sex with poor man.  “I bet he would have been a great boyfriend but I couldn’t do it.”

Simba, our token male perspective, got very worked up against the idea that a woman would use him as a place holder.  “Not cool.  If you’re not 100% into someone and invested in the relationship, you’re committing a kind of fraud,” Simba said.  He admits he’s an all or nothing kind of guy and tends to have one night stands a lot but when he’s in a relationship, it’s because he thinks it has potential.

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