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Hitting the streets to get some answers…


A few weeks ago, I asked people what their deal breakers were.  The answers ranged from differing political parties to offensive thumb jewelry.  This week, I set out with a more positive goal: what is it that drives you wild?  What seals the deal no matter what else is going on?  I got some interesting answers…

Jessica is a sucker for a well-dressed man.  “When a man looks like he spent a good amount on his clothes, it’s a major turn-on,” she said.  “It shows he cares about himself and it looks sexy as hell!”  Jessica’s knees wobble when a man’s suit looks like it cost a couple grand and she can’t control herself when a man a well cut blazer.  “It’s something that has happened since I turned 35 but now, I can put up with a lot for a man in a gorgeous suit.”

Elizabeth, on the other hand, loves a smart guy.  “I love it when a man is really smart, so smart that he’s cocky about it,” Elizabeth said.  She thinks that kind of intelligent arrogance is the sexiest quality a man can have.  There are dangers in it, too.  “I’ve dated some huge douche bags because of this,” Elizabeth explained.  “When you’re attracted to arrogance, there’s going to be trouble.”

Enid’s loins are set on fire by women with lots of tattoos.  “I find tattoos so sexy and it says that this girl isn’t afraid to express herself…and she’s into a little pain,” Enid said.  Her last girlfriend had a sleeve on her left arm, a huge design on her back, and a calf tattoo.  “The best is when a girl has a tattoo in a place usually covered by clothing,” Enid went on to say.  “It’s something secret between the two of you.”

In the same vein, Lila loves men with lots of piercings.  Like Enid, she lists confidence and pain threshold as part of the appeal.  She also loves a well-read man.  “I read voraciously, so when I meet a guy who knows authors, it’s hot.”  She said her dream date would have pierced tongue, nipples, and eyebrow and would take her to a library.

Dana thinks men who can build furniture are incredibly sexy.  “There’s something almost biological about how hot I get for a guy who can build something with his bare hands,” Dana said.  “It screams ‘I can protect and provide for you!’ and appeals to my inner cave-woman.”  Dana is baffled by this, as she feels she is a sophisticated city woman but sometimes nature overrules logic.

What do YOU think?

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