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Welcome to the inaugural The Dirt! This column takes a look at the modern dating scene…and the questions that inevitably pop up. The best part is, it’s not just my opinions. I head out to the streets to find more answers to the tricky questions of who pays for the date, when do you have the boyfriend/girlfriend talk, and more.

This week’s question: When you’re dating someone, when do you stop using a condom?

Now, we all know we shouldn’t ever stop using condoms. They’re not only the most effective form of birth control but also the best protection against STDs. That said, a lot of us tend to stop using them when a relationship gets more serious and there is exclusivity. Personally, I’m not crazy about the way a condom feels so if I’m only sleeping with one person and he’s only sleeping with me, the condom gets tossed aside quickly.

Donna Martin* has been with her boyfriend for about a month and they only use The Pill for birth control. “We got serious really quickly,” said Donna. “We decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend after two weeks of dating and it was dumb to keep using condoms if we’re only having sex with each other.”

Kelly Taylor disagrees. “My boyfriend and I have been together 3 years and we still use a condom every single time we have sex,” Kelly said. She is “terrified of getting pregnant” and also gets the Depo-Provera shot.

Andrea Zuckerman is on the same page as Kelly. While she is not in a relationship at the moment, she said she plans on sticking with condoms. “Look at what happened to Tiger Woods’ wife,” Andrea pointed out. “She was in a marriage and that guy was cheating on her, not using condoms. What if she got the clap through her scum bag husband?”

Brenda Walsh fits somewhere in the middle. Due to an allergy, she can’t take The Pill or any of the shots so the condom is her only option. Early in relationships, it’s Condom City all the way. If the relationship hits the 6 month mark and they both come back with clean STD tests, Brenda says they’ll just “end” with a condom. Sounds like a good compromise!

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*Names changed to protect privacy

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