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Hitting the streets to get some answers….



It’s a question as old as…well, as old as the telephone.  Or perhaps it started with the first love letter.  Regardless, it’s a question that has stumped people for a while.  From the guys in Swingers to Cher Horowitz in Clueless.  How long do you wait between getting the number and making the first call?

Rachel thinks this is very tricky.  “I want to feel like the guy wants to call me but too soon and it’s desperate,” Rachel said.  “Desperation is NEVER attractive.”  She thinks a lot depends on how you met and the vibe you had going.  If it was just talking at a party, the guy can wait a few days.  “If there was a heavy petting session, he better call the next day!”

Monica likes guys who call right away.  “My boyfriend and I met a mutual friend’s birthday party and he called me the next morning to make plans for that afternoon,” she said.  “Sometimes, you know right away that you want to hang out and get to know that person and it’s stupid to wait.”  Monica and her boyfriend have been together for 4 months now.

Ross thinks the agony of waiting to call a girl has not been exaggerated at all in films.  “It’s a f–king nightmare!” Ross told me.  “That’s why I love when women ask for my number, the ball’s in their court and I don’t have all that stress.”

Chandler disagrees and goes for the standard 3 day rule, come hell or high water.  “It’s part of the social contract, you wait three days and call,” Chandler explained.  “If either party breaks the contract, it’s weird.  I’d have to really like the girl to not be weirded out.”

Phoebe and Joey were the first couple I’ve ever interviewed for The Dirt and it was funny to hear them tell their meet-cute story.  They met through friends and Phoebe texted him the very next day.  When they went out on their first real date, Joey tried to tease her about it and she said “F–k you!  It was a text, doesn’t count!”  He really liked the way she “didn’t take any sh-t from me” and they’ve been dating over a year.

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