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Hitting the streets to get some answers…


People are strange and it seems like the weirdness intensifies when one is looking for a potential mate.  People get neurotic in all sorts of ways and one way crazy comes out is in immediate and irrational judgement calls.  The deal breaker.  I asked some women to tell me about some of their worst deal breakers.

Marissa has been finding dates on OKCupid and she says the site is “full of asshats.”  She recently went on a date with a guy who had a pinkie ring AND a thumb ring.  “It was a harsh judgement but it was his own fault,” Marissa said.  She said she has also rejected a guy for wearing a Burning Man t-shirt.  “Can you imagine a guy being such a tool that he wears a Burning Man t-shirt on a first date?”  Clearly, Marissa felt she had to draw a line.

Julie got into a huge fight with the guy she was dating because he didn’t like Prince.  “He said Prince was ‘gay’ and he refused to watch Purple Rain with me,” Julie explained.  “It sounds stupid but I was so upset that he used the word ‘gay’ as lame.  He thought the fight was about Prince but that represented a lot more.”  She has no regrets about that deal breaker.

Summer broke up with a guy she liked because she found out he voted for George Bush in 2000.  “I was absolutely horrified that I had slept with someone who voted for that idiot,” Summer told me.  She said she had a one night stand with a Green Party voter just to even out the score, but I’m pretty sure she was joking.  Summer says that now political questions are first date material.  She will not continue with Republicans, Libertarians, and people who aren’t registered to vote.

Kirsten’s major deal breaker is when women aren’t fully out.  “I absolutely cannot be with someone who is closeted at all.  I know it’s difficult but you’ve gotta do it.”  On a less serious note, Kirsten doesn’t like vegans.  Too difficult to find places to eat, she says.

Autumn hates men who are nerds or geeks.  “If I get any whiff of Star Trek or Star Wars or any of that crap, it’s off,” Autumn said.  She thinks there is no bigger mood killer than a guy who is into internet memes, Game of Thrones, or Battlestar Galactica.  “I like a guy who is a man.  Geeks? Not manly.”

What are YOUR deal breakers?

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