Back To Reality

Posted on: September 8th, 2015 by Madison Lake No Comments

Wow. Back to reality is right. As I mentioned earlier, I have been out of town. Now that I’m home again (ahhh) I have to get into work mode and get back at it. Because of the holiday I forgot today was Tuesday and blog day!

I do work while I’m away but I’m not as focussed as when I’m home and have my work space laid out, my work hat on and my coffee – or wine – beside me. I fancy my ability to work anywhere but there’s no place like home, right Dorothy?

I’m doing the first round of edits with the publisher on Boudoir Stories. So far it’s going well and I hope that book of erotic short stories will be out well before the holiday season.

I’ve also been receiving a lot of spectacular poetry for the anthology. Thank you, thank you to those involved. I’m very excited about putting this book together. Keep those poems coming. I love reading them.

I’m excited about the book launch for Willow Wisp this coming Sunday, September 13th from 2 to 4 pm at 288 West 1st Avenue in Vancouver. For those in the hood, I look forward to seeing you then and there.

As for…not much has changed. I have not been an active participant and realize that I probably should be if I actually want to meet someone. (Haha. Brilliant deduction) Now that the weather is shifting from summer beach and barbecue weather to the cool crunch of fall, perhaps more people will be online and things will pick up. Forever the optimist.

Till next Tuesday…birds



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