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Today is my good friend’s birthday. She claims she’s ‘too old’ to do anything special. I say you’re never too old. Besides as we mature there’s more reason to celebrate. She wants to keep things understated while I’m all over celebrating for the week – or more. But I do understand where she’s coming from. Sometimes you just want to pass quietly through these milestones and carry on. A walk, lunch with friends, connecting with family. What more?

Btw, and as per last Tuesday’s post, the road trip didn’t last much past the near fatal crash, at least for me. Greg and I got off at the next gas station, which wasn’t far in Winnebago miles, and hitched a ride to Alaska. There we toured around until it was time to return to the city and our respective jobs. Our relationship ended shortly thereafter. However, I did run into Frank some years later. He was in a bank queue in Manhattan. Seems he’s a high rolling stock broker now. Who’da thunk it?

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