Confessions of a Traveling Writer

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Okay, I will confess to you…

I am in Baja, Mexico, on a relaxing writing retreat of my own devise.  That’s right.  And you too can create your own retreat to write wherever and whenever you please.

We are all in control of our lives.  Of course we can’t stop the bad stuff from happening but we can control how we deal with the bad stuff and how we move on.  If we visualize then formulate then create what it is we want, from finding a perfect mate to having the home we always dreamed of, voila.  As they say, just put it out there.

Okay, I admit there are limitations to this ideology.  Money for one.  Belief for another.  However, it really is belief.  And I believe you can make anything happen if you truly do believe you can.  It’s the power of the mind.  It’s positive thought causing positive results.  It happens and it’s powerful.

So, now it’s your turn to visualize your perfect writing space, your ideal writing retreat.  Close your eyes and dream of the temperature of this place, the colour of the sky, the breeze that touches on your skin.  What does it smell like?  What do you hear when you close your eyes and listen closely?  Consider every detail of your writing retreat, then start writing.


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