Excerpt on Fear & Love

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broken heart

My good friend, LaMont Wright, aka Graffiti Bleu, posted this great podcast the other day that gave me pause. Many good points were made, many good questions asked from both sides of the Fear vs Love conversation, all spoken in poignant lyrical poetry and song.

I agree, fear and love are the same thing – they come from the same place. It’s what we do with them in that place that makes all the difference. fear of love /  fear and love / fear without love / fear / love…

We all have our stories. Our stories create us to be who we are and it is up to us to not change, but rewrite our stories so we can feel love without fear, so we can love fearlessly. Important reminders in a society entrapped in judgement, fear mongering, abuse of power and rights, and so on.

I especially love the analogy of mother and child. Listen up:

Fear & Love Cypher



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