Four Days In Vegas

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Well, almost Vegas…  IMG_0149

The Romance Novel Convention was conveniently just on the perimeter of Vegas – off the strip as many conventions are nowadays. I suppose it’s to keep the attendees attending. It is pretty easy to get sidetracked there, although with temperatures rising as high as 115 degrees F, who would really want to be outdoors?

Four days felt like being locked away in another world. It was dark and moody. The stench of cigarette smoke was ever present and the ka-ching of slot machines and dribble of coins rang throughout.

I tried my hand a couple of times – won a little, lost a little. It’s fun to dabble but to get lost in it would be more than dangerous. For us novelists present, the setting made for the start of many a story, I’m sure.

The convention was small and intimate with cover model, Jimmy Thomas, as our host and event organizer, no easy task. I soon realized this was quite a different scene than what I had been used to in my writing life, romance or otherwise, and it took me a while to adjust to the onslaught of romance novels at their finest. Covers with beautiful damsels lusting after hunky guys, muscled bodies slick with perspiration staring seductively into the distance, hot men and hot women in hot embraces. Did I say hot? It goes on. I realized how ‘conservative’ my covers are, but then, I write with a somewhat different technique in the genre.

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In any case, I embraced this new style of true romance novels and came to learn a lot from my fellow authors/friends. There was a whole bunch of marketing and social media they were doing that I had not tapped into, for instance, Amazon, and it was fascinating. I too, was able to teach some tricks of the trade in my workshops How To Find The Erotic In You, How To Write Erotica and Become Self-reliant, Focussed and Confident in your Craft. Tons of fun!

All said, a good time was had by all and new friendships were made. Thanks everyone. You know who you are 😉  Romance Conventions are the best!


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