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Well, well, well…I have some very interesting gossip from the dating front.

I’ve been testing the waters of new online dating sites. My curiosity was piqued after receiving several oddly similar emails from men with whom I was communicating on one particular site (No name mentioned).

Most of the emails received were in response to my initiating contact but some were from men initiating contact with me. The emails were personal enough but similar too, and written in a style that seemed like English was not the author’s first language.

The first email I received said something like ‘I was happy to read from you’, which threw me off but I let it go thinking it was some sort of internet-speak for saying ‘happy to hear from you’. Silly me. Shortly thereafter I received another email from a completely different dude who said pretty much the same thing only reworded it so it sounded like it was written just for me, e.g. responding to things I had mentioned in my email or commenting on my profile.

Red flags began to wave but I wanted to see if there truly was a pattern emerging so I kept contacting men I found interesting or attractive and sure enough, they were all ‘happy to read from me’. Snap!

I immediately closed my account but not before sending a separate complaint as well as a very clear reason why I was closing my account (No, I said, I did not meet someone special!)

To my surprise, the no-name dating site replied to my complaint within 24 hours saying they were doing their best to eliminate these posers. Apparently it is a big problem. And to go one step further, they refunded the money I paid to sign up! Holy shit. That was expected.

I won’t rejoin no-name dating site but I think they stepped up darn quickly and took care of their customer, which was me. I did thank them for their excellent customer service. I’d actually like to date the person in charge of this protocol – the one who keeps them honest.

Okay, enough said. Onward. I’m not sure where but there are always new trends in matchmaking so I’m sure something will roll around soon. Maybe I’ll go to a physic to find out what I should do next. At least that would make another good story. Please, if you have any ideas for me, I’m all ears.

ML xo

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