When I’m Seventy…Plus

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I’m going to see a movie with a friend of mine on Sunday. It’s one in the DOXA Documentary Film Festival, and the movie we are seeing is called The Age of Love. The write-up describes it as a ‘charming and warmhearted film’. Who wouldn’t want to see a ‘charming and warmhearted film’?

The abridged version is that thirty, seventy-plus singles, meet at an Italian restaurant for a senior’s speed dating event. They range in personality from a female adrenalin junkie to a man who is obsessed with Disney World. You get the idea.

Reading about the film really got me thinking. Where will I be at seventy, and what will I be doing? Will I (still) be single? If so, could I possibly speed date at that age?! I mean, who thought twenty years ago we’d be searching for men and women to date online, or trolling meet-up sights on cell phones in a coffee shop or bar? Anything is possible, right?

The image of saggy, wrinkled bodies and all the rest of it, does not conjure up erotic fantasies, nor does it boost the libido. But as Louis Armstrong croons, Birds do it, bees do it…everybody does it, so why be agist about sex and love–or anything for that matter?

I really hope to hell I’m not speed dating when I’m seventy-plus, but then, maybe that would be okay. Another adventure (because one cannot have too many adventures), an eccentric pastime in place of playing bridge, amusement. Besides, we’ll all be seventy-plus one day, with saggy arms and chicken necks and thick middles and blotchy skin. Love is love, and I hope to hell to have some of it, even when I’m seventy-plus.




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