Publishing Woes

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As I sit editing and polishing my fifth book, the third and last in the Cloud of Hawthorne series — before I begin book six — I contemplate publishing.

It’s a long road.

I self publish my books through a wonderful self-publishing house called Friesen Press. I am always happy with the process and the end result and really, it’s not that different a process than if I were getting published. However, that doesn’t stop me in my attempts to get my work recognized and picked up by a big name publisher. Why?

I suppose it’s still considered a badge of accomplishment in the writing world. It shows your work is ‘worthy’, although that is debatable. Big names like HarperCollins or Simon & Schuster give you clout, but no matter how good your work is, it’s a tough slog.

My friend and colleague recently posted this link. I think it says a lot. Just love what you do and keep doing it.




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