My fabulous sister lives in Los Angeles. The other day she sent me the link to a new bookstore that just opened in Culver City. It’s called The Ripped Bodice and it sells only romance novels.bodice 2

The store is owned and operated by two sisters who are smart, enterprising visionaries who love romance novels and apparently always have. They want to change the way the general population thinks about writers and readers of romance novels as a genre, although one has to wonder who the naysayers are when stats show it was the bestselling genre (1.08 billion) in 2013. Nuff said.

So, at my sisters nudge, I called the store yesterday and spoke with Leah. I told her a little about Madison Lake and gave her my website to view. Two hours later Leah emailed me to say they would be delighted to sell Madison Lake’s books, that they are ‘right up their alley’.

I’m very excited to be part of what is sure to be a successful new shop and I can’t wait to visit when I’m next in LA. I might even arrange a reading and book signing. And kudos to Bea and Leah for taking a stand in support of romance novels and novelists everywhere. It’s about time somebody did.

bodice 3

If you live in LA or plan to visit, definitely stop in at The Ripped Bodice bookstore and tell them you’re a friend of Madison Lake’s. Culver City is quaint and worth a stopover and the Culver City Hotel is very cool. My fabulous sister used to perform there with her band Doozy.

ML xo

By the way, my fabulous sister is currently suffering from a horrible case of shingles. This blog is for her. Thanks for this great tip, honey. Feel better soon. 

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