Writing Retreat Entry #2

Posted on: December 2nd, 2014 by Madison Lake No Comments

Whale tail

It’s another glorious day in Baja. The sun is rising and it’s almost time for a swim and walk along the sandy beach. I have a week left of this then back to another writing reality.

I only have a few more chapters of the first draft of book #5 to finish so clearly it hasn’t just been fun in the sun, although writing these books is its own kind of fun. As you writer’s know, one can get taken to the land of fiction and get carried away…

What else can I tell you about this writing retreat? I go to bed early because it gets dark early and I’m up with the sun. Besides, there is not much to do after dark unless I want to go to the local bar and grill, drink, eat and hang out with the locals, which I do enjoy on occasion. Mostly though, I sit outside under a strikingly starry sky, watch for falling stars (of which there are many visible), listen to the crickets and later a coyote howls. It is the desert, but I am close enough to the Sea of Cortez that along with desert noises I can also hear the surf echo and often, the slap of whale tails on the surface of the calm water.

I think I may have another book in the making…

ML xo

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