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Erotica is using a feather, pornography is using the whole chicken. - Isabel Allende

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Birthdays – Huh, Yeah

Posted on: July 7th, 2015 by Madison Lake No Comments

What are they good for? EVERYTHING! They are a marker that another year has gone by, more experiences have been had, LIFE is in full swing. Aren’t we fortunate? I happen to be celebrating mine in a few days and my fabulous social media pal is celebrating hers today. I guess that’s why we get […]

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Hello again, it is Monday again, and here is my another Music Monday. From my previous Music Monday posts you might have noticed, that I have music lists for writing and for reading, but I also have music lists for the soul and for listening, especially when I’ve had a great writing day and it’s […]

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The History of Sex – Part 163 – Hot Girls Wanted

Posted on: July 2nd, 2015 by Madison Lake No Comments

“Every day another girl turns 18.”  This is one of the lines from Hot Girls Wanted, a documentary released earlier this year that explores the world of amateur porn. The documentary centers around Riley, 23, an “agent”, and the household of 18-19 year old young women he hosts and recruits to Miami to become talent in […]

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Posted on: June 30th, 2015 by Madison Lake No Comments

  It was indeed a highlight of Pride Week 2015 when the US dropped the love bomb and announced that all 50 states would allow same sex marriages. Facebook became a page of rainbow faces, flags of primary colours shot up everywhere. It really was a historic moment that resonated around the world. We’re a […]

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Hello again, is it Monday already?  It’s almost July, and as we’re about to step into the second half of the year 2015, I can’t help but wonder where the first half or the year went!  But, I’m not complaining, it has been a magnificent year so far, and I can’t wait what the second […]

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